Alert functionality in inspectX is now available

What are Alerts?

Alerts allow admins to automatically notify the right people based on trigger states for attributes, elements, or maintenance items. The right people will automatically get notified by email if the trigger is set off when an inspection is submitted for approval or approved.

How can an Alert be extremely valuable for owners?

As deficiencies are found during an inspection, stakeholders can be notified immediately so they can properly act to maintain the necessary level of service. Below are just some examples of alerts that can be set up:

  • Element 12-Reinforced Concrete Deck with CS4 > 25%
  • Item 113-Scour Critical Rating < 4
  • Item 59-Super Rating = 5 & 6 and Element 515 Steel Coating with CS4 > 50%
  • A new Critical Finding was added

This functionality can help owners better monitor and manage the performance and health of their inventory. More importantly, owners can act faster and better protect the traveling public.

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