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Transition your NBI data to SNBI with ease

SNBIX is an intuitive platform designed to assist agencies in transitioning smoothly from NBI to SNBI per the new FHWA bridge regulations.

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Automated NBI to SNBI Transition

Simply upload your NBI data and SNBIX will automatically transition your data to SNBI per the FHWA crosswalk.​

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Automated NBI to SNBI Transition
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Side by Side Comparison

Side-by-Side Comparison

Easily validate your data transition by having a side-by-side comparison between NBI and SNBI.​

Reference to User Manual and Crosswalk

Every attribute is color-coded and tagged by transition type. Everything you need from the SNBI manual and crosswalk is located in one place.​

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SNBI Data collection

SNBI Data Collection

Complete your data set by filling in data that does not have a clean transition. All attributes are already configured and validated to minimize user errors.

Bulk Update

Simply filter a list of bridges and bulk update any SNBI attributes for those bridges. This can be done using the built-in user interface or through Excel.​​

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Bulk update feature
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robust export functionalities
robust export functionalities

Robust Export Functionalities

Export data in various formats to accommodate your agency’s needs.


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For Agencies

Do not have to wait for inspection software to be SNBI compatible. You can start collecting SNBI data right now. SNBIX will do bulk of the work for you. It can even transition your agency fields to SNBI using custom logic.

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For inspectX Clients

Seamlessly integrated with inspectX. SNBIX can transition the data for your structures, and you can collect the remaining data using the tablet in the field or from the office with inspectX.

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For Consultants

Significantly speed up your SNBI data collection. It is easy to learn and adapt.


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Import NBI Tape

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Automated Transition

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Import FHWA Transition

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Add / Edit Data

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Export SNBI Data


Please fill up the form below to see the pricing.

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  • Can I use SNBIX to transition my agency items to SNBIX?
    Yes, you can. If it is a direct transition, you can bulk update using Excel. If it is not a direct transition, we can work with you to develop the crosswalk logic to transition the data to SNBI.
  • I am a consultant. Can I use SNBIX for my contracts?
    Yes, you can use SNBIX for your contracts. To learn more about the pricing, please look at the pricing section.
  • Is the software cloud-hosted, or my agency needs to host it?
    By default, SNBIX is cloud hosted. We can provide an installable package if your agency can not use a cloud-hosted package.
  • Do I need to install an application to use SNBIX?
    No, if your agency/company acquires SNBIX, you can access it from any browser, such as Chrome or Edge.
  • Can we test the system before the purchase?
    Yes, we offer a free 15-day trial of SNBIX. During the trial period, all functionalities are available, however, the export is limited to 50 bridges.
  • If my agency purchases the software, can our consultants use it?
    Yes, you can provide access to your consultants.
  • Can I limit the consultant’s access to a limited set of bridges?
    Yes, you can limit consultants' or users’ access based on parameters like district, county, or a set of structure numbers.
  • Can I use the tool for non-NBI bridges?
    Yes, you can use SNBIX for non-NBI bridges as long as you have the FHWA tape version of the data for those bridges.
  • Do I need to use inspectX to be able to use SNBIX?
    No, SNBIX is a standalone tool.
  • How can I export data from SNBIX to my bridge inspection tool?
    For inspectX users, data from SNBIX will be exported to inspectX automatically. For BrM users, we are building an add-on to automate the data export for an additional cost. It will be available after BrM is ready with SNBI implementation. For other software, you can export the SNBI data in Excel or JSON format for migration.


SNBIX will ease your transition to SNBIX. Contact us with any question related to the product or procurement.

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