Challenges of Bridge Management system
  • Maintaining an aging infrastructure and managing budget limitations is challenging.
  • High-quality inspection data is the foundation of a good bridge management plan. Most agencies do not fully utilize element-level condition data in their decision making processes.
  • A solid Bridge management plan will help your agency move from a reactive approach to a proactive one and save you millions of dollars.
bridge inspection on a bridge with the help of a crane

Inspection Quality Control

The success of any bridge management system depends on reliable and high-quality inspection data, “garbage in, garbage out” (element and NBI). We will work with you to identify potential data quality issues and help you address those issues to ensure high-quality and reliable inspection data for your management purposes.

Maintenance & Preservation Activities

A successful bridge program seeks a balanced approach to preservation and rehabilitation/ replacement. We will work with your agency to be more strategic by adopting and implementing systematic processes for bridge preservation as an integral component of bridge management.

Deterioration Models

Forecasting the future condition of your assets is an important component of every bridge management system. Without it, it is not possible to run a multi-year scenario. We will work with your agency to develop customized deterioration models based on the historical condition of your bridges.

Project Prioritization

Having a “worst-first” approach to bridge management by focusing only on replacing poor bridges while ignoring the maintenance needs of good and fair bridges is inefficient and cost-prohibitive in the long term. We will work with you to develop a prioritized list of projects that focuses on long-term condition of bridges while minimizing cost.

Long-term Capital Planning

Every agency has to develop the long-term capital needed to maintain its bridges. However, developing such a document is challenging, time-consuming, and the legislature can object to it. We will help you develop a scientific-based long-term capital planning document that you can use to convince your legislature for additional funding.

  • Understand where you stand.
  • Identify gaps in the bridge management process.
  • Develop deterioration models.
  • Identify maintenance, preservation, and rehabilitation treatments..
  • Establish cost and benefit for each treatment.
  • Run analysis to prioritize projects based on current funding.
  • Compare different budget scenarios to find the funding needed to get to your targets.

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