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Ancillary Structures

one solution - two components

Office Module

  • Inventory & maintenance management
  • Schedule & inspection management
  • Dynamic dashboards and filters
  • Interactive GIS interface
  • Electronic review process

Field Module

  • Offline data collection
  • Component and element data
  • Customizable inspection forms
  • Photo and sketch functionality
  • Track changes in inspection data

Save 2-4 hours per inspection

mobile app

For Agencies

InspectX allows agencies to inspect and manage any asset type, such as bridges, culverts, tunnels, walls, and ancillary structures. Admins can customize the inspection forms for each of those assets to better meet the agency’s needs. For bridges and tunnels, inspectX will help agencies meet FHWA compliance in the metric review process. More importantly, the system architecture is designed to meet the new NBIS regulations and coding guide.

For Managers

InspectX streamlines the entire inspection workflow for managers. The software monitors due dates and manages inspection schedules while minimizing inspection delays. It also serves as a central repository for all inspection data. Managers can effectively review and approve inspections electronically.

For Inspectors

InspectX relieves the burden of carrying manuals and cameras in the field. Inspection is entirely paperless. The tablet app is self-guided with manual references and error checks, improving the accuracy of the inspection. No manual data entry back in the office is needed.

mobile app

NBI & Element Data

Collect NBI and Element data without the need for an inspection manual. InspectX has a built-in reference from the NBIS Coding Guide and the AASHTO Element Manual to ensure data accuracy. Data and photos carry over from the previous inspection.

inspectX NBI & Element Data
inspectX NBI & Element Data
inspectX NBI & Element Data

Inspection Photos

Take photos straight from the tablet, add a caption, and tie them to a particular defect, element, or NBI item. InspectX automatically sorts and organizes them in the Photolog. This eliminates the hassle of having to manually upload photos back in the office.

inspectX Inspection Photos
inspectX Inspection Photos
inspectX Inspection Photos

Field Sketch

The tablet's sketch feature transforms it into a versatile digital sketchpad, allowing inspectors to begin with a blank canvas and add shapes, text, or freehand drawings. It also facilitates importing and annotating inspection photos or plan sheets, enhancing flexibility in the inspection process.

inspectX Field Sketch
inspectX field sketch with inspection photos
inspectX Maintenance Activities
inspectX Maintenance Activities

Maintenance Activities

Many bridges today lack maintenance history. InspectX provides a simple interface to track maintenance activities from inspector recommendation to work completion.

3D Inspection

In 3D Inspection, inspectors can document precise size and location of element defects on an accurate 3D model of the bridge. This advanced visualization allows inspectors to better monitor deterioration over time. Don’t worry, configuring a 3D model only takes a few minutes per bridge.

inspectX 3D Inspection
inspectX Customizable Forms

Customizable Forms

Admins have complete flexibility to define agency-specific fields and customize the Inventory and Inspection Forms in the app. This ensures data accuracy and minimizes costly software development.

inspectX dashboard
inspectX inventory chart

Dashboard & Chart

InspectX has powerful built-in data analytics to help managers better understand their bridge inventory. It automatically analyzes the bridge data and displays meaningful inventory information in the dashboard. Furthermore, managers can use the Chart feature to dissect bridge data further and generate a bar graph, pie chart, or table.

inspectX view for overdue and upcoming inspections
inspectX inspection schedule
inspectX calendar view

Inspection Schedule

InspectX keeps track of upcoming and overdue inspections on a month-by-month basis. This allows managers to be constantly aware of what is on the horizon and efficiently schedule inspections to meet the FHWA frequency requirements.

Electronic Review

InspectX highlights inspection changes and provides a side-by-side comparison between previous and current coded values. It provides reviewers with a quick snapshot of what happened since the last inspection, saving valuable time in the QC/QA process.

inspectX electronic review
inspectX electronic review
inspectX electronic review

Query and Map

Whether it is NBI or agency-defined attributes, inspectX can pull from any dataset in the system and generate results at lightning speed. On top of that, the query is tied to the GIS interface that conveniently maps the data on Google Maps.

inspectX query
inspectX query and map

Diagram Application

Similar to Microsoft Visio, InspectX has a built-in feature that can create complex drawings such as a vertical clearance diagram. It saves the hassle of creating and importing images from other software.

inspectX Diagram Application

BrM Data Migration

InspectX is seamlessly integrated with AASHTO BrM by allowing data transfer between the two software.

BrM Data Migration for inspectX

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