Beyond Excel: Smarter SNBI Data Collection

The shift towards SNBI data collection presents numerous challenges or agencies. Since most software vendors have not upgraded their bridge inspection software to SNBI data collection capability, Excel has become the go-to tool for SNBI data collection for these agencies. Yet, Excel's capabilities are limited when it comes to the specific demands of SNBI.

In this insightful webinar, we'll delve into the SNBI requirements and data fields, discuss the limitations of Excel for this purpose, and introduce SNBIX – your superior alternative for effective and efficient SNBI data collection.

What you will learn:

  • An understanding of SNBI requirements and how to accurately compile data fields.
  • Insight into the pitfalls of relying on Excel for SNBI data collection and its limitations.
  • Introduction to SNBIX as the optimal solution, designed to overcome these challenges with ease.
  • Guidance on transitioning from NBI to SNBI, including FHWA data crosswalk with SNBIX.

Intended Audience:

  • Agencies tasked with SNBI data collection, including State DOTs, City DOTs, and Transit agencies.
  • Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) personnel overseeing SNBI compliance and implementation.
  • Consultants and bridge inspectors working on SNBI data collection.
  • Consulting firms and contractors specializing in bridge inspection and infrastructure management.
  • Bridge inspectors seeking to advance their methodology in line with SNBI requirements.

Join us to explore the technological forefront of infrastructure management and ensure your agency is equipped for the future of SNBI data collection.

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