Take your inspection program to the next level using inspectX MultiAsset

What is inspectX MultiAsset?

inspectX MultiAsset is the new version of inspectX, packed with advanced functionalities and enhancements to help you better manage your inventory and inspection program and prepare you for the new Specifications for the National Bridge Inventory (SNBI).

What’s new in inspectX MultiAsset?

  • Support any asset types (Bridges, Tunnels, Culverts, Walls, Lights, Overhead Signs, and Others)
  • Compatibility with SNBI
  • Configurable inventory dashboard
  • Enhanced and configurable filters for the management sections
  • Improved file management and inspection forms
  • Enhanced color coding for field-level changes
  • Change/audit logs

Register for this live webinar to learn:

  • New functionalities and improvements in inspectX MultiAsset
  • How you can utilize inspectX MultiAsset to inspect your other infrastructure assets, like overhead signs and walls
  • How inspectX MultiAsset helps you better your inspection programs
  • inspectX MultiAsset and SNBI compatibility
  • Other features planned for the remainder of 2022

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