Ease your transition to the new NBIS with inspectX

Purpose of the webinar:

After a long wait, the new National Bridge Inspection Standard (NBIS) is finally released. Many of you are trying to wrap your head around all the new requirements. The changes can be overwhelming. We are here to help ease your transition to the new rule.

We will discuss how some of the new NBIS requirements can affect the way you do business.

  • Maintain a registry of certified bridge inspectors
  • Adopt the SNBI coding guide
  • Border bridge data submittal
  • Stay on top of all the different inspection schedule changes
  • Stricter requirement on bridge files
  • Submit critical finding report to FHWA

In this webinar you will learn:

  • What additional functionalities are we planning to add to help prepare you for the new NBIS
  • How inspectX can help ease your transition from the current NBIS to the new NBIS
  • How to collect data in the new SNBI format using inspectX
  • How inspectX can help you improve and maintain compliance

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