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Hooman Parvardeh

November 3, 2023

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How 407-ETR Used inspectX OSIM to Save Structure Inspection Time by 25%


407ETR operates 108 km of toll road in Ontario, which includes more than 1100 structures that require regular inspection based on requirements and guidelines of the Ontario Structure Inspection Manual (OSIM). They were using a third-party Microsoft Access database that was developed and maintained by an external engineering consultant. 407ETR encountered several challenges while using an Access database:

  • Not suitable for web-based data collection;
  • Not suitable for team use. It is mainly designed for a single user;
  • Does not integrate well with multimedia such as inspection photos;
  • Cannot incorporate an approval-based workflow;
  • Lack of business analytics and interactive map interface;
  • Not flexible enough to handle customization and changes to the database

407ETR needed a web-based multi-asset inventory and inspection management system to capture and monitor all of their structures' performance, deterioration, and rehabilitation needs.


Bridge Intelligence implemented inspectX OSIM for 407ETR to inspect and manage all of their assets. Bridge Intelligence also imported and integrated the legacy data from the Access database with inspectX OSIM. Under the new environment, Engineers and Inspectors have complete access to all historical information and a wide array of functionalities to help improve and streamline their inspection process. These functionalities include:

  • Incorporate condition and performance indices such as Bridge Condition Index (BCI), Bridge Sufficiency Index (BSI), and Sign Support Rating (SSR) to monitor the health of the inventory.
  • Provide specific asset and inspection level access to consultant teams based on their experience.
  • Generate a variety of asset and inventory level PDF reports.
  • Integrate a multi-level electronic review workflow to approve inspections.
  • Provide business intelligence on historical and live inspection data.
  • Limit the access of consultant to only a subset of assets.


With the deployment of inspectX OSIM, 407ETR can address many of the shortcomings in using an Access database. Different user groups can reliably access and collect data without interfering with each other. Also, the solution enables 407ETR to start collecting defect types and quantities per the OSIM manual. In doing so, the agency can better predict deterioration and address needs in the inventory.

Inspectors can now collect data using a mobile application, which can fully operate without an internet connection in the field. Once the data is synced, the inspection team can immediately generate an inspection report. Without additional manual data entry, 407ETR is saving approximately 25% of the time in the overall inspection workflow.

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