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Avoid low-clearance load-limited bridges!

routeX scenario result

What if you could reduce bridge impacts?

According to NHTSA, bridges are impacted on average 15,000 times a year. Also, overweight vehicles damage many bridges. Due to the lack of publicly available bridge data, truck drivers often do not know if their routes are safe to travel until it is too late.

  • Available bridge data is often outdated

  • Bridge data is not easily understood

  • Essential data is often not publicly available

RouteX optimizes routes based on any truck configurations. The truck size and weight are cross-checked with any clearance and load restrictions on the path to ensure no limit is exceeded.

Truck Fenders


Trucking Industry

  • Identify the optimal route: safest and quickest

  • Determine if a permit is required

  • Minimize injuries and maintain operation

State DOT

  • Increase revenue from permits

  • Preserve infrastructure and save $$ in repairs

  • Minimize traffic disruptions


Watch a short video to see how routeX works.



Let’s discuss your asset management challenges and better understand your needs.

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