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Bridge at Night

Data-driven budgeting & project prioritization

manageX scenario results page

What if you could do more with less?

Maintaining an aging infrastructure and managing budget limitations is challenging. From Bridges and Culverts to Tunnels, manageX provides data-driven budgeting and analysis tools to predict the best set of MR&R projects, minimize the cost and maximize the life of your infrastructure assets.

Justify budget requests

Back up your budget requests with scientific calculations. Run multiple budget scenarios and compare them to find the best recommendation to your legislature. ​

Prioritize projects

Get a prioritized list of preservation, rehabilitation, and replacement projects. View the results on a map to better plan for the work.

What-if analysis

Determine what can be done with a 10% extra budget.

Find out how much budget is needed to reach your performance target.

An asset management solution is essential to predict needs and support decision-making.


Configure the system for optimization  

  • Deterioration models

  • Treatments

  • Cost and benefit

Define and run your scenario

  • Different scenario types. (Budget limit, Budget Comparison, Performance Target)

  • Get notified when the scenario is completed.​

View & analyze the results

  • Summary of the results

  • List of projects or view of projects on a map

  • Export results to Excel​

managex treatment configuraiton page
manageX scenario page
manageX scenario results page

Simple, Intuitive, Fast

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Features & Functionalities



Let’s discuss your asset management challenges and better understand your needs.

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