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Interview FAQ

Can you tell me about the company? 

Bridge Intelligence provides software solutions for the Transportation Infrastructure Industry. The Transportation Infrastructure industry includes assets such as Bridges, Roads, Tunnels, Waterways. 


We develop products and sell them to state governments and local authorities. Our primary product, inspectX, is used by Arkansas, Utah, Georgia, and North Dakota Department of Transportation (DOT). They use it to manage all their bridges and tunnels. Additionally, we have clients in Canada too. 

We are in the process of finalizing our second product, manageX, and we have four (4) more products in the pipeline. 


In addition to software products, we develop customized solutions for state governments and large engineering firms.  

What tech stack you use? 

We use different tech stack depending on the product or project we use.  

For backend, we usually use C# with ASP.NET CORE and SQL server. 
For Frontend, we use HTML, CSS, JS, Kendo library. Depending on the product/project, we use different frameworks. 

Our mobile applications are hybrid apps created using the Ionic Framework. 

All our services are hosted on MS Azure cloud. 

CI/CD using Azure Pipelines and BitBucket

What programming languages should I know? 

We expect knowledge of any object-oriented language (C#, Java, C++, Python, etc.). Additionally, we expect you to have some experience working with JavaScript.​

What is the hiring process? 

  • You will be assigned a take-home exam. Please note that the application has a very thorough plagiarism detection. If you even partially use the internet or other’s answers, you will be rejected. 

  • If you pass the take-home exam, there will be three (3) rounds of web-based interviews. 

  • If everything goes well, we provide you with an offer. 

What topics/questions do you ask during the interview? 

  • Knowledge of data structure, algorithm, and object-oriented programming.

  • Knowledge of web-based programming and APIs. 

  • Knowledge of Database. 

  • Coding proficiency. 

  • Networking related questions. 

What is the format of interviews?

All interviews are conducted over the web using MS Teams. You are REQUIRED to have your webcam on. 

You will be asked to code in the language of your choice in a live programming environment.

The interviewer will ask general questions to test your knowledge as well as coding questions that you have to code in the live programming environment.

We might record some of the interviews for training purposes.

If you have any other questions, please email us at

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